Hard Drive Recovery Associates Publishes Posts On Damaged Hard Drives And Data Privacy

Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a data recovery business based in Irvine, California, has announced that they have published two blog posts on their main website. One of these is an article about a special day that is focused on the privacy of information and the other article is about an easy way to recover a damaged hard drive.

In the article titled, “An Easy Way to Recover a Damaged Hard Drive,” they point out that a clicking sound coming from the hard drive is usually a sign that it is already damaged and it is about the fail. This an event that computer users dread because a damaged hard drive means they will not be able to access their files. Most of the time, people will just buy a new computer or laptop although this will not really allow them to recover the lost data. Fortunately, there is an easy way to recover the data and this is done by consulting with the experts such as those from Hard Drive Recovery Associates.

In the article titled, “There Is Such A Thing As Data Privacy Day,” it is revealed that Data Privacy Day is an international holiday that is held every 28th day of January. The non-profit organization National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) says that the event was started in 2007, with a meeting of corporate privacy policy wonks at the San Francisco, California, headquarters of LinkedIn. NCA executive director Kelvin Coleman had presided over the gathering, which sought to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the issue of data privacy.

Jack Edwards, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, says, “we’re happy to announce that we have just published two articles on data recovery and data protection. Recovering data from a damaged hard drive is our business and we are here to help you. You don’t need to purchase a new computer or laptop because not only is that an expensive response to the problem. It is also not the solution because you will still end up losing the files that you have stored in the damaged drive. Meanwhile, computer users and laptop users should also take some action to ensure that their data is protected in case the drive fails and that data has to be recovered.”

Jack Edwards states that in the event that people end up with a failed hard drive, they can always rely on the services offered by Hard Drive Recovery Associates. He explains that they have received five star reviews on their Google My Business page for their data recovery services. The company provides data recovery services for PC, Mac, and RAID hard disks, as well as SSD drives. They specialize in both damaged and clicking hard drives.

According to the company, the key to recovering data is to diagnose correctly the problem with the hard drive. If the problem has to do with the file system, a data recovery software can be used to recover the data. But in those cases where there is a physical hard drive failure, they will recommend sending the drive to their data recovery clean room. Customers can ship their device, following a certain level of care. Once the drive is received, it is logged into their production line and if there are any additional issues detected, they will inform the customer.

During the actual recovery, they will clone the hard drive platter to ensure that the data is never at risk of being lost. The clone is important because it is possible that the hard drive has been physically damaged beyond repair. The data recovery process is then performed on the hard drive, sector by sector. Meanwhile, while recovering the data, they consider data privacy to be important and they treat the client’s data with confidentiality and the utmost discretion. Thus, they rarely see individual files as anything but a part of the whole hard disk drive. It is this respect for data privacy that the company has earned the trust of several government departments.

Those who need more information regarding recovery data from damaged hard drives and other services provided by Hard Drive Recovery Associates can visit their website or they can contact them by email or by phone.

from Press Releases https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/27638-hard-drive-recovery-associates-publishes-posts-on-damaged-hard-drives-and-data-privacy

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