Data Recovery Services Company Blogs About Smartphone Backups, Optimization

As smartphone use continues to accelerate across the world, Hard Drive Recovery Associates has published two new blog posts about dealing with the most popular flavor of smart phone – the Android smartphone. While many people have finally heard and put into action the message that backing up a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer is critical to ensure one won’t need professional data recovery services, few folks consider the importance of the data on their phones.

In the post, “How To Back Up Data On Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet”, Hard Drive Recovery Associates outlines just how incredibly simple Google has made it to fully backup data on Android phones. This is critical for less technically oriented phone users, which may not understand that one simple setting can be the difference between a simple annoyance, and a full on data disaster.

“While almost every data recovery service will be happy to offer full recovery for any Android phone out there, most people don’t realize just how critical and multi-featured Google’s backup features are,” said Jack Edwards, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Associates. “Many people come to us fearing that their photos are gone forever, when in fact backing them up to Google Drive is just one of the many features available to Android users.”

The article also points out a key advantage to Android’s backup features, which is that if a person’s device is lost or stolen, backed up files are in fact available from virtually any computer that can access the Google account the phone is registered with. No need to search “data recovery near me” when one can just grab the information from the web.

“There are certainly privacy concerns with automatic backups, to be sure,” said Edwards. “But at this point, people have mostly given up on the idea of having privacy in an Internet world. In this case, swapping out a little bit of privacy for automatic data backups is probably worth it to a majority of users.”

In a second blog post, entitled “How To Have A Faster User Experience In Chrome”, HDRA outlines some solid tips for increasing the efficiency and speed of the world’s most popular web browser, Google’s Chrome. Web browsers tend to store massive amounts of data during regular use, which can bog down not only the browser itself, but the functions of the entire phone. The article first points out that clearing cache and browsing history is one of the best ways to alleviate speed problems with the browser.

“Smartphones tend to be more subject to being overloaded by large amounts of browsing, mainly because these are devices with typically small data drives,” said Edwards. “While it’s easy to browse all day and night on a desktop computer with eight terabytes of disk space, a 32GB smartphone is going to fill up awfully quick.”

Another lesser known technique for speeding up Chrome on an Android phone is to check and make sure that there are not a lot of browser extensions enabled. While most Android Chrome browsers may not be subject to this issue, it does affect some users. What may in fact soon be affecting more users is Adware or Malware, which continues to spread as the Android platform ages.

“Typically new platforms tend to have very little in terms of viruses and Adware to worry about, but the Android platform is far from new, as it is coming on 15 years of age,” said Edwards, who does tend to see a lot of Android data recovery jobs. “The platform has done an excellent job thus far avoiding the pains that Windows computers had, but the instances of bad scripts and viruses continues to grow.”

Edwards advises users to backup their Android phones at least monthly, in order to ensure all important files are safe.

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