Data Recovery Services Provider Publishes Details On Computer Types

Irvine, California based Hard Drive Recovery Associates (HDRA) recently released an article that explores the various types of computers available on the market. This informative article helps those who use computers at work, at home, school and on the go understand computers which may be unfamiliar to them.

Jack Edwards, speaking on behalf of HDRA, says, “Today, most people grow up using devices to connect to the internet at home, and anyone heading off to university will want to have access to one to help complete their coursework. We have found a growing number of people in business have wanted to find out more about the computing power they have at their disposal. Having helped thousands of companies and individuals across the US and around the globe recover their hard drives, we are always happy to help them understand how to help safeguard their assets and investments in the computers they use.”

The article shares details on supercomputers, mid-range computers and personal computers that can help dispel any mystery and help those who need to choose the one most appropriate to their needs. Supercomputers are used to drive the most advanced information-based research forward, particularly those that require huge amounts of data for calculations. At the other end of the spectrum, Personal computers fulfil the needs for autonomous work by private individuals, and they are often used in office applications as well as gaming and education (and internet access). Mid-range computers, also known as servers, are used to run back-end applications such as enterprise email and other database systems to provide business-wide services such as antivirus storage and central information storage.

In another recent release, HDRA discussed the challenges of using a computer. In the article, Edwards states, “Indeed, there are many challenges that computers can bring to people’s lives. Some experts and parents are worried that computing devices have the capability to distract people, especially young kids, with the result that their growth development is no longer allowed to follow its normal route. On the other hand, there are some experts who believe being exposed to computers at a young age has its advantages. Nevertheless, there is one issue in which people may agree, and that is the possible loss of data due to a hard drive failure, malware or viruses. Losing such valuable data can never be tolerated, which is why we provide data recovery services.”

There are a large number of testimonials shared online by individuals as well as other companies that underline the essential service HDRA provides. One such testimonial states, “I truly thought my laptop and everything on it was finished. Thank you for retrieving it all. You guys are true professionals.”

HDRA invites anyone who has a problem with their business or personal hard drive to call them directly, even if they have already been told by others that their data cannot be recovered. They specialize in hard drive data recovery for RAID, Mac and PC hard disks as well as SSD drives. They can recover data from damaged and/or clicking hard drives.

Even in difficult situations, they have proved invaluable. Amerisys, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, states, “After the flood, you really gave us peace of mind. We never thought that our servers would get back online, but you guys delivered big time!”

Edwards comments, “A hard drive failure can cause many people to panic. It is a difficult circumstance for any business or individual. Whether it involves treasured family photos, accounting data or medical information, losing anything critical to our lives can have severe consequences. Even if another data recovery service has told you that your hard drive is beyond recovery, give us a call. Over the past 20 years, we have developed the expertise which allows us to offer the quickest, most affordable hard disk recovery solutions in the industry. Our simple guarantee is that, if there is no data recovered, there is no charge.”

HDRA is able to offer that guarantee with confidence, given that more than 95% of their customers are able to get 100% of the data retrieved. They do not even charge for a recovery diagnosis through their 24 hour toll-free support line. Their expertise allows businesses throughout Santa Ana and the surrounding areas to rely on their immediate, free server pickup on RAID recovery and repair jobs. For consumers, their fully-equipped lab is located directly off of the I5, making it easy to get to help quickly.

Those who want to find out more about hard disc issues can find HDRA’s full set of blog articles on the company’s WordPress site. Interested parties may connect with Hard Drive Recovery Associates through their preferred social media platforms as well.

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