Hard Drive Recovery Associates Publishes New Post On Data Security

Hard Drive Recovery Associates, an Irvine, CA based hard drive recovery service, would like to announce the publication of their new post on data security. The post is aimed at helping readers better understand how to avoid becoming a victim of data hacking or deal with cybercrime. With the year only being about halfway through, the number of cybercrimes has already, according to the post, reached alarming rates.

“In the third week of February, MGM Resorts declared that the personal information of its close to 11 million guests who have been at one of their hotels and resorts was dumped and released on a hacking forum,” the article says. “Published on the hacking site were millions of complete names, addresses, contact numbers and birthdates. Members of the tech press were quick to confirm the accuracy of the released information by getting in touch with the published names in the forum and, true enough, the information is accurate.”

This massive data breach occurred months ago and has only recently been brought to light. Anyone with any sort of online presence is at risk of having their information accessed and used by people or entities that have no business using said information. There are ways, however, of ensuring that no one can access another party’s information without their permission.

The first step is to determine whether or not one’s data has been breached. Using certain online resources, one can find out which data breaches their information has been involved in and whether or not these data breaches have affected them. Once one has determined whether or not their data has been leaked, one can then start working on finding out what data has been leaked. “If you are now 100% certain that your data has been leaked, it is time to determine what information about you has been leaked. Leaked information can be classified as least sensitive (your full name, street address), more sensitive (payment methods, email addresses), and most sensitive (security codes of your payment options, social security numbers),” the article says.

Once one has identified what has been taken, they can look for outside help. Many companies whose data has been breached will offer assistance to those whose information has been compromised. Recovering from identity theft can be a very expensive and time consuming process, and it is nearly impossible without some sort of assistance. If the company offers to help with the recovery process, it is often in one’s best interests to accept this help.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has been helping consumers and businesses recover hard drives for over 15 years. With a team of highly qualified technicians, the hard drive recovery company brings a great deal of knowledge of experience to every project. “We have seen a wide variety of hard drive failure causes—from major fires to damaging floods, from dropped laptops to simple hard drive malfunctions—each with its own conditions and its own solutions,” the company’s site says. “We take pride in the fact that our data recovery rate is around 98%, which means if you contact us with a hard drive failure problem, we guarantee you that we can recover your data—or there is no charge. We feel confident that we can make this guarantee because 20% of our business comes from people referred to us by other companies in our industry. You can say that we are the ‘data recovery service company’ choice as well.”

A large number of customers have worked with the company to recover their information and many of them have gone on to leave great reviews of their experience. One Google review states, “I really had no idea that SSD data recovery was even a thing, but I was lucky to have found Hard Drive Recovery Associates. Louis was very helpful and walked me through the data recovery process quickly and easily. The whole thing was finished really quickly, and the price was just right. Thanks again!”

For more information on Hard Drive Recovery Associates, visit their website. The company is ready and willing to help with any and all hard drive related issues.

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“width”: 311,
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“datePublished”: “2020-05-20”

from Press Releases https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/35951-hard-drive-recovery-associates-publishes-new-post-on-data-security

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